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Many Real Estate owners never have sold a property. So they often cannot estimate the price which really would be appropriate for the object. But if the price is calculated to high, many prospective buyers are not interested anymore. The property will not be sold for weeks and even months and finally will become a dead article. On the other side it is essential not to sell below the real value – nobody wants to give away money.

Beschreinung des Angebots von Ingrid Zechmeister, Immobilienmaklerin München, für Immobilienbesitzer

If you are Anglophone and have to sell ore rent a property in Bavaria you are even faced with some more difficulties: The German language is necessary to speak to the right people and to unwind all the necessary correspondence.

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I can offer you my help for calculating the correct value of your property, to connect you to the right people and to do all the german language tasks for you.

I would be happy about a wonderful cooperation with you.

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